Business Communication

Business communication in English – Some Business English communication thoughts and words ūüôā Questions to consider¬†–¬†What makes a good communicator? ¬† The person is fluent in the language. They have fluency. ¬† The person has an extensive vocabulary. They know many words.¬† ¬† They are a good listener.¬†Listening skills are important. ¬† They adapt their … Read moreBusiness Communication

Love and Valentines Day

Love and Valentines Background – Valentine’s Day or¬†Saint Valentine’s Day, is an annual holiday¬†celebrated on February 14th. It began¬†as a Western Christian¬†day honouring one or more early saints named Valentinus.¬† It¬†first became associated with romantic love¬†within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer¬†in the 14th century. A definition ¬† An intense feeling of deep affection,¬†a deep romantic … Read moreLove and Valentines Day

Reflexive pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns At the party a man I didn’t know recognised me and came and introduced HIMSELF¬†to me. We enjoyed OURSELVES¬†very much¬†at the party. My girlfriend¬†is very forgetful, I am always¬†reminding HER to remember her car keys. My parents think because I forget things a lot, I don’t know how to look after MYSELF. Stop … Read moreReflexive pronouns

Speaking mistakes in English

Speaking mistakes in English. Some of the most common¬†– Intermediate level. Wrong Right ¬† No special things were happened. ¬† No special things happened. ¬† Not very much¬†people skiing there. ¬† Not very many people skiing there. ¬† Regarding to my project. Regarding my project. ¬† It’s usually for them to do this. ¬† It’s … Read moreSpeaking mistakes in English