Business Communication

Business communication in English – Some Business English communication thoughts and words 🙂 Questions to consider – What makes a good communicator?   The person is fluent in the language. They have fluency.   The person has an extensive vocabulary. They know many words.    They are a good listener. Listening skills are important.   They adapt their … Read moreBusiness Communication

Love and Valentines Day

Love and Valentines Background – Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14th. It began as a Western Christian day honouring one or more early saints named Valentinus.  It first became associated with romantic love within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century. A definition   An intense feeling of deep affection, a deep romantic … Read moreLove and Valentines Day

Reflexive pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns At the party a man I didn’t know recognised me and came and introduced HIMSELF to me. We enjoyed OURSELVES very much at the party. My girlfriend is very forgetful, I am always reminding HER to remember her car keys. My parents think because I forget things a lot, I don’t know how to look after MYSELF. Stop … Read moreReflexive pronouns

Speaking mistakes in English

Speaking mistakes in English. Some of the most common – Intermediate level. Wrong Right   No special things were happened.   No special things happened.   Not very much people skiing there.   Not very many people skiing there.   Regarding to my project. Regarding my project.   It’s usually for them to do this.   It’s … Read moreSpeaking mistakes in English

Prepositions complex, with A

Prepositions – complex. Starting with A According to According to John, Mary was late. I believe John. According to the forecast, it will rain tomorrow. According to the news, 16 people were injured. Ahead of Ahead of the preposition test, I need to study. Anthony is ahead of Maria in the race. He’ll win. We have … Read morePrepositions complex, with A

Prepositions in English S and T

Prepositions in English (One word) with S and T Prepositions (One word) with S Save (formal) All save Mrs Jones were present. Saving (formal) Saving yourself, nobody thanked me. I appreciate it. Since I haven’t seen Maria since Monday morning. Mr Brown has worked in a bank since 1995. Since your last visit things have … Read morePrepositions in English S and T

Prepositions with P & R (One Word)

Prepositions with P and R Prepositions with P Past I saw you yesterday when I drove past your house. The post office is just past the fire station. Don’t work past your bed-time. This is difficult. It’s past me, I need your help. It’s nearly ten minutes past four. 4.09 to be exact. Pending = Until … Read morePrepositions with P & R (One Word)