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Business communication in English – Some Business English communication thoughts and words 🙂

Questions to consider – What makes a good communicator?

  The person is fluent in the language. They have fluency.
  The person has an extensive vocabulary. They know many words. 
  They are a good listener. Listening skills are important.
  They adapt their language to the listener / audience.
  They speak clearly and avoid jargon and technical language.
  They have an awareness of body language.

Business communicationSome ways of introducing yourself and others

  “Good morning, my name is David, I am head of marketing. Nice to meet you.”
  “Hello, let me introduce myself. I’m David, head of marketing at JMB Ltd.”
  “I’m David, Marketing head at JMB ltd. And you are?”
  “Hello John, this is David from Marketing. David this is John from Sales.”

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