Prepositions in English S and T

Prepositions in English (One word) with S and T Prepositions (One word) with S Save (formal) All save Mrs Jones were present. Saving (formal) Saving yourself, nobody thanked me. I appreciate it. Since I haven’t seen Maria since Monday morning. Mr Brown has worked in a bank since 1995. Since your last visit things have … Read morePrepositions in English S and T

Prepositions (One word) L, M and N

Prepositions (One word) Letters L, M and N.   Less 10 less 3 = 7. Less VAT the total bill is £345. That is 4 people less than last time. Not good. Like She is like her sister. She sings like a bird. It’s not like Mary to complain. Do it like this. I feel like … Read morePrepositions (One word) L, M and N

Prepositions, one word, G and I

Prepositions (One word) starting with the letters G and I   Preposition G Given He is in very good health, given his age and lifestyle. Given the time, I think we should be leaving very soon. Given how little time he has studied, he knows a lot. Gone It’s has gone 11 o’clock. It must be 11.30 or … Read morePrepositions, one word, G and I