Prepositions E

One word prepositions starting with the letter E Except You can have any colour except yellow or blue. They all came to the party except Joanna. Everyone passed the exam except Paul. Except for the meat, everything was perfect. Excepting I can eat anything excepting Oranges and Apples. Excepting Anne-Marie, everyone was present. Excluding It costs £70, … Read morePrepositions E

Prepositions starting with C

Prepositions (one word) starting with the letter C Circa He died circa 1200. (He died around 1200). This was invented circa 1400. Concerning My boss talked to me this afternoon concerning my job. I have some questions concerning your decision to leave. “I would like to talk to you concerning your recent application.” Considering Considering the poor quality, I … Read morePrepositions starting with C