Business Communication

Business communication in English – Some Business English communication thoughts and words ūüôā Questions to consider¬†–¬†What makes a good communicator? ¬† The person is fluent in the language. They have fluency. ¬† The person has an extensive vocabulary. They know many words.¬† ¬† They are a good listener.¬†Listening skills are important. ¬† They adapt their … Read moreBusiness Communication

Speaking mistakes in English

Speaking mistakes in English. Some of the most common¬†– Intermediate level. Wrong Right ¬† No special things were happened. ¬† No special things happened. ¬† Not very much¬†people skiing there. ¬† Not very many people skiing there. ¬† Regarding to my project. Regarding my project. ¬† It’s usually for them to do this. ¬† It’s … Read moreSpeaking mistakes in English

Prepositions (One word) L, M and N

Prepositions (One word) Letters L, M and N.   Less 10 less 3 = 7. Less VAT the total bill is ¬£345. That is 4 people less than last time. Not good. Like She is like her sister. She sings like a bird. It‚Äôs not like Mary¬†to complain. Do it like this. I feel like … Read morePrepositions (One word) L, M and N

English speaking mistakes

The following English sentences are a small sample of some common English speaking mistakes. Recent English speaking mistakes made by real students from around the world.¬† Under each speaking mistake is the correct answer. My latest book ‘How to avoid common English speaking mistakes’ goes into a lot more detail and gives more examples of … Read moreEnglish speaking mistakes