English vocabulary – The word go

So, let’s look at the English word GO and how it can be used. Let’s go! (Start).Go home

It’s going to be (future prediction/thought) a good day today. lets go through (review) the use of the word go.  So let me go on (continue) and tell you a little more about this go-getting (exciting and more and more successful) word!

If you are planning to go to (visit) the shops this weekend, it may be better to go (travel) by bus because it is going to be (will be) busy.

It may be a good idea to go away (leave your normal living place/area) this weekend if you don’t like crowds. I recommend going on (accessing/using) your computer and searching for mini breaks.

I went on (past of go) holiday last year to Paris and on the plane I was sat next to a Go-Go dancer (erotic dancer). She was always on the go (very busy). Suddenly the plane started to shake. “What’s going on?” (what is happening) I asked. Luckily it was just some bad weather.

I could go on and on (say more and more) but it’s getting late and I need to go (do something/take this action) and take a shower. I will then go to bed (take this action), because I have to get up (wake up) early and go to (do something/take this action) work early.

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