Listening skills

English language listening skillsListening is an important skill in every area of life. It is important in communication, in building relationships and when learning a language.

Ideas and tips

  Make sure you can hear the audio clearly.
  Listen for the specific information you want.
  Note down the key details and facts you hear.
  Try to concentrate and anticipate what is next.
  Don’t worry if there is a word you do not understand.
  Stay calm even if you think the topic is too difficult.
  Block out other noise inside your head and outside.

If you would like to improve your listening skills, here is an idea:

  1. Listen to a short audio
  2. Write down the key things you remember
  3. Check your ‘key things’ using the audio text

Below are a couple of audio and audio texts to get you started and check your listening skills. Visit the NativeEnglish ‘English Tips‘ page in the listening category for more exercises and for regular updates.

Accidental millionaires audio

Business culture in Asia Audio

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