Prepositions, one word, G and I

English lessons online by skypePrepositions (One word) starting with the letters G and I


Preposition G
He is in very good health, given his age and lifestyle.
Given the time, I think we should be leaving very soon.
Given how little time he has studied, he knows a lot.

It’s has gone 11 o’clock. It must be 11.30 or later.
He’s gone 60. He must be nearly 70 and still surfs!

Preposition I
Monkeys generally live in jungles.
Ian is over there, with his hand in his pocket.
I live in an apartment, in the middle of town.
She lives in London and was born in 1977.
Trains were invented in the nineteenth century.
I’ll come back in two or three weeks.
Let’s meet in the morning, at 8am.
There are 60 seconds in a minute.
In Summer, I love to go on picnics.
The train should arrive in 10 minutes.
There is nothing better than a walk in the country.
In Spain the sometimes rest in the afternoon.

The price is £70 including £10 for delivery.
There were four of us, including the baby.
Including Mary 5 of us are going on holiday.
Including vat, the price is £45.89.

It was dark inside the cinema because there were no lights.
My modem is inside my computer. It’s an internal modem.
I looked inside the car but my car keys were not there.

John went into that shop and asked if they had any wellingtons.
If you heat ice it turns into water.
We cut the cake into 6 pieces, one for each of us.
Five into ten makes two.
In the story, the frog turned into a Prince.
The glass broke into 2 large pieces when it fell on the floor

That’s a brief look at the one word prepositions G and I.

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