Prepositions A

One word prepositions in English starting with the letter A

We went aboard the boat and found our seats.
Is there a doctor aboard the plane? We have an emergency!

What do you think about Maria Weston?
Let’s talk about something your holidays.
I’ve just read a book about prepositions.

We are flying above the clouds.
We live in the hills, 1,000 metres above sea-level.
It’s only two degrees above freezing point. [+2ºC]
Who came above you in the test results? Who was first?

We drove across the desert.
The dog ran across the road.
There is a bridge across the river.

We had lunch after the 1pm meeting.
Let’s meet the day after tomorrow. In 2 days.

Did you vote for or against the suggestion?
He put his bicycle against the wall.

We walked along the beach for two miles.
There are trees along the road.
The toilet is along the corridor.

Among /amongst (UK)
Is there a doctor among us?
There were police among the crowd.
I was amongst strangers. I didn’t know anyone.

He seems to be anti my idea.
Some people are anti everything.

We walked around the town for an hour.
They all sat around the camp fire.
There is a big fence around the house.
He was born around 1980.
Let’s meet around 9pm.

He is working as a waiter.
Walt is as tall as Anthony.

She sat astride the horse.

He is at school.
We first met at a party.
Let’s start the meeting at 9 o’clock.
He started work at 17 (years of age).

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