Prepositions B

One word prepositions in English starting with the letter B

Everyone came bar Amanda. She stayed in the office.

We had lunch before we went to the cinema.
We met the day before I went to Spain, on holiday.
She was before me in the line to see the Dr.
I would rather lose my job before doing that.

There is an Ambulance behind us. It’s in a hurry.
We have a garden behind our house.
The child was hiding behind the car.
I am behind your idea about this. I will support it.
Venice finished behind Emma in the race, and was second.
She is behind the other children in her class, she learns slowly.

My house is below sea-level and sometimes it floods.
There is a young man in the flat below us.
The temperature is 2 degrees below freezing point. [-2ºC]
I came below Seth in the test, he got 100%, I got 87%.

There  is staff parking beneath our office.
The tunnel runs beneath the river Thames.
Laura is beneath the office Manager and is a team leader.

The river runs beside our house, and is very deep.
Joe was sitting beside Maria, they like to be close.

What shall we have besides chicken? Vegetables?

Tara was sitting between Ray and Anne.
Between you and me, I think she’s crazy. Don’t say anything.
I can meet you between 5pm and 7pm.

Can you see someone in the distance, beyond that big tree?
This is too difficult. It’s beyond me. Too difficult.
The meeting continued beyond midnight and finished at 2am.

Everyone came but Andrea. She stayed at home.

We came by bus, because it was easier.
Fireworks were invented by the Chinese.
He was shot by a crazy man from Mexico City.
It happened by accident. Nobody planned it.
He lost the race by five seconds.
The room is 10 metres by 8 metres.
We must finish this presentation by Tuesday.
We were sitting by the fire, trying to keep warm.

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