Prepositions starting with C

Prepositions (one word) starting with the letterC not the sea C

He died circa 1200. (He died around 1200).
This was invented circa 1400.

My boss talked to me this afternoon concerning my job.
I have some questions concerning your decision to leave.
“I would like to talk to you concerning your recent application.”

Considering the poor quality, I think the price is too high.
I think I need to leave very soon, considering how late it is.
Considering the time of year it is unusually warm.
He is very successful, considering he left school at 15.

There were four problems, or five counting the poor food.
The total cost for this is £300, not counting sales tax.

I have a study-cum-bedroom. So I sleep and study in it.
She is a kind of secretary-cum-receptionist. She has 2 responsibilities.

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