Prepositions complex, with A

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Prepositions complex aPrepositions – complex. Starting with A

According to
According to John, Mary was late. I believe John.
According to the forecast, it will rain tomorrow.
According to the news, 16 people were injured.

Ahead of
Ahead of the preposition test, I need to study.
Anthony is ahead of Maria in the race. He’ll win.
We have a long day ahead of us. Let’s get going!
Ahead of the meeting, we need to plan thoroughly.

à la (from French)
It’s a TV show à la NBC. Same style, similar content.

Along with
Along with prepositions that are complex, I also need to study phrasal verbs 🙂
Do you want some beef along with the chicken?
I am prepared to go along with this, but do not fully agree.

Apart from
Nobody objected apart from you, so we did it.
Apart from the light rain, today is perfect.
Apart from Peter and Mary, everyone was there.

As for
As for Matt, he will arrive later.
As for me, I disagree.

As per
We must work strictly as per the law.
As per section 45a, we need to do this by Monday

As to
As to your behaviour, I think you were wrong.

As well as
You should telephone as well as write, just to be sure.
As well as Mary, Patricia and Sian were there also.

Away from
The cat ran away from the dog and escaped.
I need to get away from the office for 2 days, I am stressed!

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