Prepositions complex, with B and F

English lessons online by skypePrepositions, complex, beginning with B to F

Because of
We can’t play tennis because of the rain.
Because of the meeting we will have to go outside for lunch.
He was ill and it was all because of the meal he had last night.

But for
It’s your fault! But for you, I’d have been on time.

By means of
You open a door by means of its handle.
He travelled to the meeting, by means of public transport.

Close toClose to the start is a complex preposition
My car is close to your car. About two cars away.
Our office is very close to the central bank, on West St.

Contrary to
Contrary to
expectations, the euro fell in value.
Contrary to everyone’s expectations, he was successful.

Depending on
We’ll play tennis tomorrow, depending on the rain.
Depending on the outcome of the meeting we will either have lunch or

Due to
The cancellation was due to the rain. There was no other reason.

Except for
Everyone was present, except for Mary. She stayed at home.

Forward of
He was sitting forward of me in the plane. I could just see the back of his head.

Further to
Further to
your letter, I have spoken to Mr Brown and you have the job!

A few examples of prepositions that are complex – Hope they were useful 🙂

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