Prepositions complex, with I

English lessons online by skypePrepositions – complex. Starting with I(i)

In addition to
There were two people in addition to me. So that made three of us.
In addition to the problem with the brakes there is also an issue with the tyres.
In addition to complex prepositions we will also be looking at articles.

In between
He is in between the two opinions. He wants to compromise.
In between the meeting, we should have time for a quick snack.

In case of
You can phone me in case of need. Day or night.
In case of emergency, please ring the bell.
Call me in case of any problems or issues, ok.

In face of
He reacts bravely in face of danger.

In favour of
I am not in favour of your idea. It won’t work.
Am in favour of us cancelling this project.

In front of
You can park your car in front of my house.
I couldn’t see the film because the woman in front of me was wearing a big hat.

In lieu of
I don’t have any dollars. Can I pay euro in lieu of dollars?
You can take a day off next week,  in lieu of you working the bank holiday .

In spite of
We went swimming in spite of the cold water.
In spite of his huge size he was very delicate with the new baby.

Instead of
We don’t have any tea. Would you like coffee instead of tea?
Instead of just sitting there, why don’t you help me?

In view of
In view of your illness, we will wait for a week.
In view of your excellent sales performance I am promoting you.

Irrespective of
I don’t like it, irrespective of what you say.
Irrespective of the price, I don’t want it. Price isn’t everything.

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