Prepositions complex, P to W

English lessons online by skypePreposition complex, P to W.

Prior to
I never spoke French prior to living in France. But now I speak it fluently.
Prior to the meeting I would like you to do some research.

Regardless of
I don’t want it, regardless of the price. Even if it’s free, I just don’t want it.
Regardless of the weather, we will be walking into the hill later.

Save for
Everyone came, save for Louis who had to work.
Save for prepositions English prepositions, complex onescomplex I know everything.

Thanks to
Thanks to Shirley, we arrived on time.
Thanks to everyone for all their hard work.

Together with
I’d like chicken please, together with vegetables.
Together with Paul I would like to thank you all.

Up against
We are up against a powerful enemy.
We are up against a lot of competition so we need to price this right.

Up to
There was a shop here up to 1990. But it closed that year.

Up until
We worked up until they came. Then we stopped.

With reference to
With reference to your comments, I’ll reply soon.
I am writing with reference to your order.

With regard to
I’d like to speak to you with regard to your work.

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