Prepositions complex, with N and O

English lessons online by skypePrepositions complex starting with N and O.

Near to
There is a restaurant near to my office. Just two minutes away.
I live very near to the central line tube station.

Next to
The school is next to the bank. Between the hotel and the bank.
Please feel free to sit next to me at the meeting.

On account of
Don’t worry on account of me. Think about yourself.

On account of the bad weather, the train is delayed.

On behalf of
I’m calling you on behalf of Mr Brown. I represent him in legal matters.

On behalf of all the class I want to thank you.

On board
Is there a doctor on board this plane?

On top ofAll the bags on top of the car
The cat is sitting on top of the television.

Opposite to
There is a tree opposite to the house. Straight across the road.

Other than
Sorry, we’re out of whisky. But we have every drink other than whisky.

Out of
Take your hands out of your pockets and help me!
He went out of the room to smoke a cigarette.
We’re out of bread. Shall I buy some?

Outside of
They stopped outside of the city to check the map before entering.

Owing to
We didn’t go swimming, owing to the cold weather.

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