Prepositions continued – O

English lessons online by skype Prepositions. More (One Word)prepositions with O

There is a post office opposite my house.
She sat opposite him and looked at him.

I don’t live in central Paris. I live outside London.
It was very cold outside the car and there was a lot of ice.
This is outside my scope, and not my responsibility.

We are flying over the forests of the Amazon.
Put the blanket over the bed and then you can rest.
The cat jumped over the wall and fell into the river.
Let’s discuss it over lunch, later this week.
The king ruled over the country for 80  years.
The town is just over the border.
It cost over £120 and was very expensive to collect.
There is rain over the whole country.
It took over an hour to do all my homework.
The population has increased over the past twenty years.
Can you stay with us over Easter?

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