Prepositions F

One word prepositions starting with the letter F

We had coffee, following our supper.
He couldn’t work following his illness and had to stay at home and rest.
Following the bad news, he decided to go to the bar for a drink and chat

This is for you.
Do you want to go for a walk?
You use a corkscrew for opening bottles.
Cigarettes are bad for you.
I’m saving for a new bike.
I am lost, is this the road for Paris?
They passed me over for John and now he is the team leader.
Is this the train for Cambridge?
I bought it for just £5.00.
We worked for three hours.
Keep walking for two kilometres.

Where do you come from?
This letter is from my friend.
I bought this car from Henrietta.
They prevented me from entering.
My car is different from yours.
We worked from Monday to Wednesday.
Paper is made from wood.
It can cost anything from £5 to £25.
The police took my driving licence from me.
He died from overwork.

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