Prepositions in English S and T

English lessons online by skypePrepositions in English (One word) with S and T

Prepositions (One word) with S
All save Mrs Jones were present.

Saving (formal)A London bus for travelling on
Saving yourself, nobody thanked me. I appreciate it.

I haven’t seen Maria since Monday morning.
Mr Brown has worked in a bank since 1995.
Since your last visit things have been going well.
I have had a bad headache since this morning.
The company JONES LTD have been around since 1901.
Since it is my last day, shall we go out for lunch.

Prepositions (One word) with T
Your bus is quicker than my bus.
I prefer the bus than taking the train.
I am a lot happier now than I used to be.
This meal was a lot more expensive than yours.

The train goes through a tunnel.
I can see light through the door keyhole.
You have been through a difficult experience.
You went through a red light, and was stopped by the Police.
The error occurred through my own stupidity.
They worked Monday through Thursday.Sightseeing in London

It is raining throughout the whole of the UK today.
He worked throughout the day, and most of the night.
Throughout the whole film he was eating food.

I work from 9am till 5pm.
Please wait till I arrive, then we can start.

Could you give this to Johnnie please?
My car does 10 km to the litre.
To his surprise, the door was open.
The museum is open from Monday to Friday.
The time is ten to five. [4.50/16:50]

He drove off toward(s) the mountain.
I’d better go. It’s getting toward(s) midnight.
He contributed £100,000 toward(s) the new building.
This is the first step toward(s) peace.
He has a positive attitude toward(s) his work.

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