Prepositions of place

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Here are some examples or prepositions of place with a superb visual.Prepositions of place

The cat is on the table.
Please put the cup on the table.
The hat on his head was too big.

If you look above you, you can see the clouds.
My friend is living in flat 56a, it is above me.

The plane flew over the forest.
He threw the ball over my head.

In front of
He stood in front of the fire to keep warm.
She was standing in front of the Bank waiting for it to open.

I stood beside my son at the school speaking test, to give him support.

The level of the water is below its normal level, it is only 5cm deep.
The people in the flat below me are very noisy.

The dog liked to sleep under the bed.
Sleeping under the blanket in winter keeps you warm.

The dog always walks 1 metre behind me.
I am 2 days behind schedule and so the report will be late.

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