Prepositions (One word) L, M and N

English lessons online by skypePrepositions (One word) Letters L, M and N.


10 less 3 = 7.
Less VAT the total bill is £345.
That is 4 people less than last time. Not good.

LikeIn England uses a preposition
She is like her sister.
She sings like a bird.
It’s not like Mary to complain.
Do it like this.
I feel like swimming.
It looks like rain.
I want something cold, like iced-tea.

10 minus 3 = 7.
The temperature is minus 20 (-20) degrees centigrade.

The school is near the post office.
It’s 20 December. We are very near Christmas Day.

the low price, I don’t want it. It’s just not good quality.
They went swimming, notwithstanding the rain.

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