Prepositions with O (One word)

Prepositions (One word) starting with OEnglish lessons online by skype

Of (
Pronounced V)
Bridge of brick in London, EnglandI live in the house at the end of the street.
Where is the key of my house, do you have it?
Do you like the works of Shakespeare?
What was the cost of this ticket?
He lives in the City of Berlin, Germany.
It was very kind of you to help me.
This is the cause of the problem.
He died of lung cancer, it is so sad.
Most tables are made of wood.
Can I have a cup of tea please?
I know some of these people.
I don’t know any of these people.
He lives south of Westminster, down a small street.
He lives in the south of Berlin, Germany.

Please take your shoes off my coffee table.
Keep off the grass, it is new.
It fell off the chair and broke his ankle.
They live in a street off Western Avenue.

Please don’t put your shoes on my table.
The picture is on page 23.
We live on a busy road. It’s very noisy.
She is sunbathing on the beach.
Is there water on Mars or Pluto?
I need a book on 20th century history.
My birthday is on Saturday, 12th April.
I start work on Monday, 17th May.
Let’s meet on the weekend.
I’ll see you on Christmas Day.
You must be on time.
On hearing the alarm bell, please leave the office.

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