Prepositions with P & R (One Word)

English lessons online by skypePrepositions with P and R

Prepositions with P

I saw you yesterday when I drove past your house.
The post office is just past the fire station.
Don’t work past your bed-time.
This is difficult. It’s past me, I need your help.
It’s nearly ten minutes past four. 4.09 to be exact.

Pending = UntilI am pro keeping the sea clean
We cannot supply you, pending payment.
Pending his return, we can do nothing.
There were many arguments pending the negotiations.

The speed limit is 60 miles per hour.
The carpet costs £5.89 per square metre.
Please do this as per the instructions

2 plus 3 = 5.
There will be three of us, plus the baby.
We need you to lay the carpet, plus could you paint the doors

Are you pro the government or against?
He is generally pro all new ideas.

Prepositions with R
Re: your letter dated 21 May
I want to talk you re the proposed meeting.

RegardingLearn online by skype
I would like to speak to you regarding my homework.
Regarding John, let’s talk later.

Respecting (less common than regarding)
I would like to speak to you respecting my homework.
I am writing to you respecting our latest products.

I live round the corner.
They all sat round the fire.
There is a hedge round the house.

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