Prepositions U and V (One word)

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Prepositions with U

The huge rat ran under the table.Welcome to the UK
The cloth is under the sink.
Submarines can travel under water.
We drove under a large bridge.
I have a T-shirt under my jumper.
Who do you work under? Who is your boss?
I am under orders from the Prime Minister.
What is the subject under discussion?
Under company rules, we can’t do that.
Please buy this for me, it’s under £50.

The nurse put a pillow underneath his head.
There is a big cellar underneath our house.

That’s very unusual. It’s unlike John to be so rude.
This problem is unlike any we have met before.
Unlike Mary, he will listen to you.

They continued the meeting until 11pm.
Please wait until I come to the office.
You will have to use my computer, until your new one arrives.

He ran up the hill very quickly.
There is a post office up the street.

upon (formal)
Please don’t put your shoes upon the table.
He broke his leg upon getting out of the car.

Prepositions with V

He was the judge in the case of Johnson versus Bush.
We should choose peace versus war.

We flew from Paris to Bangkok via Dubai.

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