Prepositions W (one word)

English lessons online by skypePrepositions starting with W (One word)

Do you live with your parents?
He’s been with our team for two years.
I discussed it with her and she agreed with me.
With your permission, I’d like to go with him to the movies.With friends in the city of London
If you mix red with yellow you get orange.
Muriel is the girl with black hair.
Do you want to come with us?
I made this chair with my own hands.
You’ll forget her with time.

There is a 2TB hard drive within the computer.
I will finish within 30 minutes.
He lives within 10 miles of his work.
It’s not within my power to help you.
Within the next 20 years we should be living on the moon.
I need this report Within 20 years we'll be on the moon the next 48 hours.

I want trousers without any buttons.
I came without my wife because she is working.
He watched without speaking.
I can now ride a bike without any stabilizers.

This car is worth £16,000.
It’s not worth seeing that film, it’s not very good.

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