Present continuous

Present continuous

Present Continuous – Grammar in use
present continuous

Peter is in his car. He is on his way to work. He is driving to work. (So he is doing this now, at the time of speaking and the action is not finished.

Am/is/ + ing is the present continuous

I am (I’m) driving, waiting, paying, smoking, drinking, walking.
He/she/it is (he’s / She’s) working, running, writing, playing, singing.

  Please don’t make so much noise. I’m working. (not ‘I work’)
  Where’s Anna?’ ‘She’s having a shower.’ (not ‘she has a shower’)
  Let’s go out now. It isn’t raining any more. (not ‘it doesn’t rain’)
  (at a presentation) Hello, Janie. Are you enjoying the presentation? (not ‘do you enjoy’)
  I’m tired. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight!

The action does is not necessarily happening at the time of speaking.

  I’m reading an interesting book at the moment. I will lend it to you when I’ve finished it.

He is not reading it now, at this moment! He’s in the middle of reading it. He has not finished it yet.

More examples

  Catherine wants to work in Italy, so she is learning Italian. (Maybe not right now at the time of speaking)
  Some friends of mine are building their own house. They hope it will be finished before next winter.

When we talk about things happening around now (for example, today/this week/this afternoon etc.)

  ‘You’re working hard today.’ ‘Yes, I have a lot to do.’ (not ‘you work hard today’)
  ‘Is Susanna working today?‘ ‘No, she’s on holiday.’

When we talk about changes happening around now

  The population of the world is rising very fast. (not ‘rises’)
  Do you think your English is is getting better? (not ‘does your English get better’)

So that’s a brief look at English grammar and the tense (time) of Present Continuous.

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