Present simple

Present Simple – Grammar in use

Think about this situation.

John is a taxi driver, he works for ‘speedy taxis” but now he is sleeping like a baby in bed, he’s asleep. So he is not driving his taxi. He likes his work and he is very happy.

FACTS – He is asleep. He drives a taxi. He works for ‘speedy taxis.’ He likes his work. He is very happy.

Drive(s) / work(s) / Do (is) = Present simple

I drive a taxi / He drives a taxi / they drive taxis.
I work for ‘Speedy taxis’ / He works for speedy taxis / they work for ‘speedy taxis.’

He drives a taxi

We use the present simple to talk about things in general. We are not thinking only about ‘the now’. We use it to say that something happens all the time or repeatedly/often, or we use it to say that something is true in general. It is not important whether the action is happening at the time of speaking.

Some Examples

  • Nurses look after patients in hospitals.
  • I usually go away at weekends.
  • The earth goes round the sun.
  • It rains a lot in Wales.
  • It is important to drink water.
  • I go to work by train.
  • I admire my Brother
  • I love fresh food
  • She loves fast food

Remember that we say: I work / He works or They live / She lives (Remember to use the letter S)

We use the present simple when we say how often we do things:

I get up at 8 o’clock every morning. (Not ‘I’m getting up at…….’)

So that’s a brief look at English grammar and the tense (time) of Present Simple.

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