Reflexive pronouns

English lessons online by skypeReflexive Pronouns

At the party a man I didn’t know recognised me and came and introduced HIMSELF to me.

We enjoyed OURSELVES very much at the party.

My girlfriend is very forgetful, I am always reminding HER to remember her car keys.The UK

My parents think because I forget things a lot, I don’t know how to look after MYSELF.

Stop pulling my hair. You’re hurting ME.

She blames HERSELF for the accident, because she was tired.

My brother was so good at playing guitar, our parents compared HIM to Jimmy Hendrix!

Bob reminded HIMSELF that there was nothing to worry about.

Anna reminded HER that there was nothing to worry about.

Suzy and Sam blamed THEMSELVES for losing the books.

Mary and James blamed EACH OTHER for losing the photographs.

I went there by MYSELF.

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